On 7/27/13 I attended an "estate auction" at the veteran's hall in Lafayette CA. They were auctioning off artwork and jewelry.

Many of the artworks were purportedly signed by the artist or "signed" in the plate (lithographs)and were auctioned off as "authentic". This auction has a no refund, no return policy. I bought 3 pieces of artwork for about $2500 and brought them home. One was a supposed signed serigraph by Azoulay.

It was auctioned off as print 9/19 I a limited edition. I believed it was actually an artists proof because it said 9/19 PP. I bid on it anyway and when I got it home I found that the supposed certificate of authenticity said nothing about where it came from or that it was an artist's proof. It was also for a completely different work with a different title.

I became suspicious and took the other 2 lithographs out of their frames. These were supposed works by Dali "signed in the plate". However, I discovered from the watermark on the paper that these prints were made after Dali stopped signing anything and the dates did not match any editions of any legitimate printing of these prints. I have been trying to contact Windsor Auction House but cannot reach anyone.

I have tried contacting the fraud department at my credit card agency - haven't reached them yet. I reported them to the FBI. The 2 Dali prints in their frames are worth perhaps that cost of the frame plus the cost of a copy of a Dali print. - perhaps 1/5 of what I paid for them.

If the Azoulay is truly a signed artist's proof, it might be what I paid for it, but since the COA that came with it was for a completely different work of art. I doubt the authenticity of this piece as well.

I will never again attend an auction by"Windsor Auction House" or any "estate auctions" which seem to be auctioning off mostly expensive jewelry and lithographs and prints of fine art. They are likely fake works of art and poor quality jewelry.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #920142

Signed in the plate means just that. They are not hand signed works.

Sounds like his work from Dante's Inferno.

This all sounds like the outfit that sells artwork on the cruise lines. Be wary


I totally agree. For those who are not experienced with these auction, the auctioneer often jack up the initial bid so high and then go down if no one wants to bid.

It's his way of making people feel they are getting a good deal. All the jewelry are poor quality. I was looking at this diamond ring where they claim to have heart and arrow but the clarity and color is so bad like junk.

So how can a H&A diamond have such poor cut and quality. Anyways, they're bunch of scammers in my opinion.

San Diego, California, United States #827616

I Am making this post in defferance to what I've read here. My family all buys from Windsor.

My wife purchased a beautiful 4.7 yellow diamond ring that appraised at 100 dollars more than the stated appraisal of $47000. Paul and his team always tune me into the best buys and steer me clear of lesser deals

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #790468

AVOID Windsor Auction House

They sell fake art, I found these people selling the same statue with the pictures on 2 different auctions websites with people biding on the on the same day from 2 different web pages for the same art.

I believe they sell fake, from art to Rolex watches. Be aware of this...if an item costs around $4,000 and some seller starts the action for this from $25, it is suspicious as he does not not know if it is going to sell for the real estimated price, so when is FAKE any money is profit.

Plainsboro, New Jersey, United States #731206

I also attended a "estate sale" auction conducted by the same team at the Hyatt Regency, Princeton, NJ today on October 20th, 2013. I realize the modus operandi is similar.

They sold Salvadore Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Tarkay prints and serigraphs. I am just finding that they are not what are described and the COA is not worth the paper its on. Paul (The auctioneer) starts at say 5000 and then brings it down significantly. He also claims that the pieces are hand signed, they sell at 5 X more outside etc.

I don't notice that they had one or two people who seems to have been set up to raise bids.

I have their pictures.

I spend $2000 on stuff that is not worth 400. Any ideas on how to take actions

to AJ #738684

COULD YOU POST THE PICTURES? Windsor auction house scam me in Maryland too. They have an auction at Hyatt.

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